Manage Alcatel Omni PCx PABX System

How to check internal card (Analog, Digital & NDD) in System and card details?

Login in Console

Pabx> config 0

Pabx> listerm 0 1(card number)

Land Line Phone status check

Pabx> trkstat 100     (e.g Hs= Out of Order, B= Busy, F=Free)

Restart Card

Pabx> rstcpl 0 card number

Group Status


Pabx>manager (log in id)

Pabx>Manager> trkstat 100

If Number Busy (Hs)

>inserv n

Y enter

Manage incoming and outgoing call


Trunk Group|Enter 4 times|Select trunk|Consult Modify|All instance


Trank id 100


Ctrl V


Select Group


Channel Specification inonly/outonly

Change option extension status

>Termstate d extension number

Change option of outgoing call (IDD, Local, Block)

Pabx>manager>user>consult modify>Directory Number….

Ctrl V

Go Public network category


Change options (1=local, 2=NWD, 3= ISD)


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