Configure GMAIL POP3 and SMTP In Lotus Notes

1. Create a Lotus Notes database file to store your POP e-mails (Ex: gmail.nsf)

2. In the local address book create two accounts for POP (incomming e-mail) and SMTP (Sending outgoing email) on Gmail.

For Incomming mail

Select Basic tab: a) Account Name : Gmail Incommin b)Account c)Login Name: Gmail e-mail address d)Password: Gmail log in password e)Protocol: POP f)SSL: Enabled g)Only from Location: Gmail

Select Protocol Configuration tab: Scape it (Does no matter)

Advanced Tab: a)Port Number: 995 b)Accept SSL site certificates: YES c)Accept expired SSL certificates:YES d)Send SSL certificates when asked(Outbound connections only): NO e)Verify account server name with remote server’s certificate: Disabled f)SSL protocol version: V3.0 with V2.0 handshake

Than click save and exit

For Outgoing mail

Select Basic Tab: a)Account Name: Gamil Outgoing b)Account Server Name: c)Login Name: Gamil e-mail address d)Password: Login password e)Protocol: SMTP f)SSL: Enabled g)Only from Location:Gmail

Advanced Tab: a)Port Number: 587 or 465 b)Accept SSL site certificates: YES c)Accept expired SSL certificates: YES d)Send SSL certificates when asked (outbound connections only): No e)Verify account server name with remote server’s certificates: Disabled f) SSL protocol Version: V3.0 with V2.0 handshake

3. In Local Address Book, Chose New–Location

Basic Tab: a)Location Type: Local Area Network b)Location Name: Gmail c)Internet Mail Address: Gmail e-mail address then leave the rest fields as it is

Server Tab: a)Home/Mail server: then leave the rest as it is

Port Tab: No Change

Mail Tab: a)Mail file Location: Local b)Mail File: gmail.nsf c)Internet domain for Notes addresss when connecting directly to the internet: then leave rest of the tabs save and close

Source: web


Can not view updated upload files and folder in ftp

Some time we are facing problem to get the updated uploaded files and folders in ftp and everytime it shows only old files and folders. This is happening due to not refresh cash memory of your pc. To fixed this issue you need to refresh your cash .

1. Open ftp site

2. Press F5 for refresh

How to check MAPI Version for BlackBerry Enterprise Server

Go to System32-mapi32.dll-click properties

How to activate Balcberry mail service without Wipedout HandHeld

If mail stop working in Blackberry

1. Go to Option

2. Then Advance

3. Service Book

4. Delete Desktop Synchoronization Desk(Synk)

5. Then Enterprise Activation

6. Write e-mail address and Activation password

7. Select activate

In Windows Search option not working

Error- Search option can not work

Cause- Problem on srchasst.inf file

Solutions: Open Explorer and Go to the Windows\Inf folder locate the srchasst.inf. Right click it and select install. You will have need your XP CD or file from i386 folder

BlackBerry HandHeld Mail Configuration for BlackBerry Enterprise Server

This is for New Installation or  mails stop working in BlackBerry for BEServer.

1. For new or existing user using Wipedout

a. Go to option

b. Then Security option

c. General Setting

d. Wiped HandHeld

e. Tunr wireless on then wait till EDGE come

f. Set Date and Time from option

2. Make a new user in BlackBerry Enterpriser Server By using BlackBerry Manager.

a. Open BlackBerry Manager

b. Select BBServer Right Click then add User (For new account).

C. Delete existing user and recreate user (For existing user)

d. User Ad from Global Address Book

e. Click right button on user then set activation password.

3. BlackBerry HandHeld Configuration

a. Go to Option

b. Then Click Advance option

c. Select Activated account

d. Then write your e-mail address and activation password the press activate

After 100% completation of activation process send a test mail from blackberry to check its working properly or not

4. Seperate Message and Mail

a. Go to Message

b. Option

c. Go to change option

d. Set Seperate